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​How Brand Aware Are You?

​How Brand Aware Are You?

26 Jul 2018

Alun Williams of Luna Branding is a great business networker and a member of our Oxford group. He is a branding fanatic who collects advertising memorabilia, is obsessive about his Costa breaks, changes his Tissot for his Tag Heuer and likes to wear his Hugo Boss jacket with his blue jeans. He has Welsh roots (there's lovely) and is a vinyl collector of 70's rock!

At Luna Branding they love to work with businesses that have great ideas, are passionate about what they do, and are highly ambitious. They help them to create a strong presence in their marketplace. The brands they create are authentic and high impact. This goes way beyond designing logos. They get under the skin of your business but importantly also understand the needs of your marketplace and come up with the creative ideas to launch, develop or rebrand your business.

Here he shares his top 5 tips for creating a strong brand.

#1  Key to every strong brand is consistency. If you regularly change the visual style of your brand or how you talk about it, that will just create confusion. Be consistent.

#2  Your brand identity is not just about your logo, also pay attention to your colour palette, the full set of colours used across your marketing not just your logo colours; and visual style, including the type of photos and images you use to represent your brand.

#3  Be clear on your brand story (the essence of what drives your business), main messages (what makes you stand out) and your tone of voice (how you deliver the messaging.) Define this before applying it to your marketing, not the other way around.

#4  If you feel the timing is right to update your website this is a clear sign that you should first review your branding.Your brand may have become tired, fallen behind competitors or is no longer a good fit with the way your business has developed.

#5Your brand’s position in the market is fluid. Your competitors will not stand still, so neither should you. Review your brand against key competitors at least every 3-5 years.

Take a little peek to find out more about Alun and Luna Branding.

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