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Merci - Gracias - Danke sehr - Khop Khun Mak Kha…THANK YOU!

Merci - Gracias - Danke sehr - Khop Khun Mak Kha…THANK YOU!

25 Feb 2019

Thanking an introducer of business is so much more than the bottle of fizz, voucher or hamper. It says:-

  • I really appreciate you taking the time out in your busy day to think of me.
  • I’m so grateful you took the time to find out more about my business so that you could introduce me with confidence.
  • I’m delighted you trust me enough to recommend me.
  • I value the opportunity you have given me and will treat the introduction professionally.
  • I’m thankful for such a perfect opportunity that was genuine.
  • You’re a star.
  • Sometimes it simply says thank you for being there.

Who’d have thought a small token of appreciation could say so much...

Last week we received 3 bottles of Prosecco. You should have seen our little faces when a box arrived that we weren’t expecting - we were so excited! There was a lovely appreciative note and the sender had thought to send us one bottle each, so no one felt left out.

Although we hadn’t introduced a client to this lady, she was the winner of a free place on our Naked Networkerz workshop in our Christmas competition. She’d had a great day, learnt lots about how to network more confidently and built a strategy around her networking activity. Rather than just go back to the office and put her new skills into practice, she took the time to send us a gift and say thank you. We’d given her something she truely valued and she wanted to do something nice for us – it’s a lovely concept and one that gets forgotten sometimes in business.

If taking business networking seriously you’ll know that the real successes come when your fellow networkers are prepared to do all of the above and more for you. I wonder though how many of you always remember to thank people.

The best thank you’s arrive promptly after the event, are personal to the recipient and if possible contain a hand written element. Infact sometimes a hand-written card is enough to let someone know you appreciate them. Gifts don’t need to cost a fortune, although I would urge you to consider how much it costs you, through other means, to get new clients and make the gift reflective of not only that cost but also effort.

No-one will know, or probably care, when they receive a parcel in the post, if you make thanking others a business strategy. You may have had a note in the diary to remember to send it or have a stack of thank you cards in the office ready to send - only you will ever know this. All the delighted recipient knows is that you care and took the time to say thank you personally and properly.

We all need raving fans who are always thinking of ways to help. Keep these relationships thriving with respect, gratitude and the odd message even on your busiest of days.

Must dash – We’ve a bottle of fizz to open!

Our Testimonials


No matter how good we think we are it's what our members and guests say that matters most...

  • I have established some excellent connections which otherwise would have taken a great deal longer to develop and it has made a real difference to me in terms of the amount of referrals I receive from fellow professionals.

    Tom McInerney

    Associate Lawyer Spratt Endicott
  • The members are all senior business professionals who support one another, challenge each other when necessary and look to develop business contacts when the opportunities arise.

    Dan Kitchen

    Partner St James Place Wealth Management
  • Opendoorz has a unique and refreshing atmosphere. It attracts like-minded business professionals who actually like and want to do business.

    Andrew Prescott

    Director ISIS Medical Insurance
  • The business I have gained through Opendoorz has more than covered any financial cost, but more importantly it is a fantastic resource to interact with business peers. 

    Peter Smith

    Partner The M Group