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Openingdoorz for Seesaw

Openingdoorz for Seesaw

04 Feb 2019

We are absolutely delighted to shout about our charity of the year for 2019.

Seesaw is a local Oxfordshire children’s charity who have been referred to as “The great little charity with the big heart”.

Children suffer terribly when someone they love dies. SeeSaw supports children who are having difficulty coping with the death of a mum, dad, sister or brother. The loss of a person very close to us is probably the most distressing event that any of us will ever experience, and sometimes it feels as if our emotions will overwhelm us completely.

A major bereavement is hard enough for an adult, but it can be extremely frightening and confusing for a child:

  • they feel exactly the same sadness, anger and pain as adults, but find it harder to understand and navigate their way through their many different emotions
  • the people best placed to support them, their family, are themselves grieving
  • their friends, who have had no experience of death, cannot fully understand what they are going through

It is no surprise then, that about a third of bereaved children and young people experience real difficulties. In some cases, the death of a loved one happens in traumatic circumstances, such as accident, murder or suicide – which makes it even harder to cope.

One child might go ‘off the rails’, while another might withdraw and hardly speak. Without expert support at this critical time, these children can face serious emotional problems in later life.

SeeSaw’s aim is to give bereaved children the support they need, so that they face the future with hope.

As volunteers give their time for nothing and several members of the small core staff are part time, costs are kept to a minimum. 

Seesaw have shared lots of facts and figures with us but the two that really mattered to us were that they need £321,000 every year to provide a comprehensive service to the whole of Oxfordshire and that for every £1 we raise, 76p is used for child and family bereavement support services.

As a company our aim for 2019 is to support the fundraising events that Seesaw currently has arranged, including a joint networking breakfast with another fabulous charity Special Effects this month. Some of us, the mad ones, have organized a wing walk on June 7th and hope to raise in excess of £5000! We have no doubt there will be other ways in which we can get behind this wonderful charity.

But for us it’s not just about the money we can raise. We are privileged to have an amazing network of hundreds of generous business professionals; our members, guests and long-term contacts who we can introduce Seesaw too and help them spread the word about the charity.

If you’re a business owner who’d like to find out more about Seesaw then please contact us and we can make an introduction or you can come to one of our guest events and meet them.

You could also get really involved and get some great PR for your business by sponsoring one of our highflying (well actually quite low flying) wing walkers. You’ll get your name on their flying suits and we’ll be shouting about the event in the press, radio and on-line. You don’t have to be mad like us to support us!


Our Testimonials


No matter how good we think we are it's what our members and guests say that matters most...

  • I have established some excellent connections which otherwise would have taken a great deal longer to develop and it has made a real difference to me in terms of the amount of referrals I receive from fellow professionals.

    Tom McInerney

    Associate Lawyer Spratt Endicott
  • The members are all senior business professionals who support one another, challenge each other when necessary and look to develop business contacts when the opportunities arise.

    Dan Kitchen

    Partner St James Place Wealth Management
  • Opendoorz has a unique and refreshing atmosphere. It attracts like-minded business professionals who actually like and want to do business.

    Andrew Prescott

    Director ISIS Medical Insurance
  • The business I have gained through Opendoorz has more than covered any financial cost, but more importantly it is a fantastic resource to interact with business peers. 

    Peter Smith

    Partner The M Group