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The A-Z of NetworkingKnowHow – a light-hearted approach…Pt 2

The A-Z of NetworkingKnowHow – a light-hearted approach…Pt 2

19 Jul 2017

Time for the D to F of Naked Networking Do’s and Don’ts. In this series of blogs we’re sharing some points that will resonate with you - some for the right reason and some for the wrong!


Deep freeze – Welcome everyone with open arms, even the competition. Frosty receptions will only back-fire and you’ll be the one left standing out in the cold.

Deliver – If you promise to make an introduction or send some information do it sooner rather than later. Your credibility will go through the roof, and you will be remembered.

Disinterested – Clock watching or scanning the room intimates that you’d rather be elsewhere. Try being on the receiving end – it’s just plain rude! 

Dynamic – Respected successful individuals maintain a lively, energetic, confident air at all times (well at least in public!). Keep that positive attitude and new ideas flowing…



Egotistical – Being arrogant and self centred not only ensures people move away from you but that they’ll be running as fast as there little legs can carry them - No-one likes a big-head!!

Enthusiasm – Talking about your business in a passionate, animated way will ensure that people listen, want to hear more and actually remember what it is you do. When they require your services or know of someone that does your name will jump out at them.

Etc Etc – And so on and so forth...eerrrhhhh! Lose those irritating little phrases that indicate you can’t string a sentence together! 

Expert– If possible ensure you become known as the ‘expert’ within your field. If you’re invited to present to a networking audience on your business or specialist field, grasp the opportunity.



Fake it - ‘til you make it. Speaks for itself - and we’ve all been there and survived!

Fiesty – If it suits your personality it’s good to be a bit spunky. That shows determination, independence and a bit of spirit. Be your own person and be true to yourself.

Friends – Make some! People use and recommend people they like and trust. If you want to do serious business with someone build a strong relationship – this will take time and effort. Don’t jump in all guns blazing but nurture that relationship.

Future – You will see these contacts day. Next time they may be speaking to someone you want an introduction to and they will recall their first meeting with you – be warned!

Next time we’ll move onto G. Now what might that be... generous, gross, or maybe even gargoyle!!

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