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We're delighted to welcome business profesionals to our monthly guest events in and around Oxfordshire

Jackie Fitzgerald

Leadership Coach
Alquimia Coaching
Milton Park

Part of the Opendoorz family since September 2019

Play Hard...

I’m curious about life, fascinated by people and like sorting things out. I’m a life-long Liverpool fan and lover of the beautiful game. I enjoy live music, good company and fine wine, plus the odd cocktail (or two).

Work Hard...

I help intelligent and talented people become great leaders and managers.

So often we get promoted, or start a business, because we’re good at something only to find that we’re often not great at managing and leading people. We don’t know how to delegate, get things done or inspire and motivate those around us. Sometimes we don’t know how to inspire and motivate ourselves.

The missing piece is emotional intelligence. IQ and technical skill will get you so far, but good leaders have also developed their ability to understand and manage their own thoughts and feelings. They realise that their emotions affect their decisions and actions and so have a real impact on those around them. They also understand the people they work with, their motivations, hang-ups and strengths.

Using the Emotional Capital Report, I help my clients develop the 10 key leadership competences of self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-control, self-actualization, straightforwardness, optimism, empathy, adaptability, self-reliance and relationship skills.

It’s great for individual insights, 360 appraisals and recruitment decisions and I also run group workshops for people at all levels of an organisation.

I also coach people who want to become more confident, have lost their way or are going through a transition of some sort.

Recent engagements include:

  • Helping a newly formed Board of Directors improve how they work together
  • Working with newly promoted directors who are adapting to their increased responsibilities
  • Helping a new CEO develop their confidence and manage their impostor syndrome
  • Facilitating Board discussions about the strategic direction of the organisation
  • Helping a senior executive evaluate their options and decide what they want from the next stage in their career.

'Jackie encouraged and supported me through some difficult times but also challenged my thinking and beliefs and helped me to get to where I am now. I was able to draw on her first class business knowledge and experience as I needed to and her sense of humour made our sessions enjoyable as well as extremely useful. It was a great experience and I would thoroughly recommend her.' CEO, London.

Our Testimonials


No matter how good we think we are it's what our members and guests say that matters most...

  • I have established some excellent connections which otherwise would have taken a great deal longer to develop and it has made a real difference to me in terms of the amount of referrals I receive from fellow professionals.

    Tom McInerney

    Associate Lawyer Spratt Endicott
  • The members are all senior business professionals who support one another, challenge each other when necessary and look to develop business contacts when the opportunities arise.

    Dan Kitchen

    Partner St James Place Wealth Management
  • Opendoorz has a unique and refreshing atmosphere. It attracts like-minded business professionals who actually like and want to do business.

    Andrew Prescott

    Director ISIS Medical Insurance
  • The business I have gained through Opendoorz has more than covered any financial cost, but more importantly it is a fantastic resource to interact with business peers. 

    Peter Smith

    Partner The M Group