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We're delighted to welcome business profesionals to our monthly guest events in and around Oxfordshire

Tony Madden

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Lloyd Latchford Group
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Lloyd Latchford can trace its roots back to the 1940's, we've come a long way since those days. We are a top 100, award winning, privately owned broker providing products not only to consumers directly but also to FTSE Top 250 companies and global brands. We work with over 2000 UK Motor Dealer sites in the UK to provide a customer facing car insurance solution and trade the car insurance brands for companies such as Honda, Fiat, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo.

In 2015 we became one of just a few companies in the UK that has a ‘Third Party Administrator’ agreement to trade the brand of a Global Insurer, putting us in a market space valued at over £150 million Gross Written Premium. Our wide footprint of products and services is a clear demonstration that whether you are an individual customer looking for Car and House Insurance, or a major UK business looking for somebody to trade your brand, we have a solution for you.

We are far from complacent about our success and we will continue to invest heavily in our staff, our technology, our customers and our partners, as they are at the heart of everything we do. Our purpose is to make a difference at your times of need by providing the protection and service we all value. It’s not a new concept; nor is it one we’ve played around with. It’s simply what we’ve been doing for the last 50+ years.


Our Testimonials


No matter how good we think we are it's what our members and guests say that matters most...

  • I joined Opendoorz less than a year ago but I am already starting to see the results. I have established some excellent connections which otherwise would have taken a great deal longer to establish and it has made a real difference to me in terms of the amount of referrals I receive from fellow professionals.

    Tom McInerney

    Associate Lawyer Spratt Endicott
  • As a founder member of Opendoorz, going into my sixth year of membership, I really understand the power of this unique organisation. I have made fantastic, friends, learnt loads and made over £200,000 in new fee income. The core is the right members, in the right environment, focussed and supported

    Dan Kitchen

    Partner St James Place Wealth Management
  • One of the highlights at the meetings is the amount of business generated and the positive testimonials given.

    Maria Morris

    Director NGI Finance
  • Opendoorz has a unique and refreshing atmosphere. It attracts like-minded business professionals who actually like and want to do business.

    Andrew Prescott

    Director ISIS Medical Insurance
  • Really enjoy the whole Opendoorz experience, the meetings are exciting and fully engage everyone attending.The regular CPD sessions are very focused on helping the members develop and progress. Opendoorz makes a real difference.

    Peter Smith

    Partner The M Group